Wax seals

This technique was developed as a way to quickly do one-off wax seal. If you intend to stamp your design a lot, I highly recommend purchasing a real wax seal. The seals in this technique will last a good five to ten pulls.

For those of you wanting to reproduce the seal of their favorite wizarding school, click on this image and print it:

Hogwarts traceable seal

What you need:

You can draw your design directly onto the stamp or eraser material, or you can try this neat method: Print out your design and trace over it with a pencil.

Place the traced side down on the eraser material and rub the paper with the back of a ball point pen or embossing tool.

The design will have been magically transfered! I usually draw the seal shape around the image after transfering it.

Use your Exacto knife or linoleum cutter to cut out the image. No need to rush here, as a mistake means starting all over again.

Here is my finished seal before cutting around it. Notice that I made the circle shape a bit wide to facilitate cutting.

Use a sharp pair of scissors (or an X-acto knife) to cut out your seal. The key to making a good seal is to angle back as you cut. You want the seal to taper toward the back since your cuts won’t be perfect but the trimmed front shape is.

Chill the seal on an ice pack before beginning. I will also sometimes rub it with a little vegetable oil. Note that if you rub oil on the seal you will need to wash the stamp before spraypainting it.

Apply a mound of glue to the paper. I usually assume the stamp will spread out at least an 1/8″ around.

Let the glue sit for about 30 seconds before pressing the seal into it.

The seal pressed into the glue.

I move the entire piece of parchment onto the top of my ice pack. The glue will begin to cloud as it hardens. Peel it off the parchment once this begins to occur.

Gently remove the stamp from the glue. It is normal for some of the excess stamp material to be embedded in you first few pulls.

If you used glue instead of faux wax, spray paint your finished stamps (after washing it with soap and water if you oiled your seal).

The final seal on an envelope. I use a little daub of glue on the envelope and place the seal on it. Alternatively you can buy peel-and-stick backings to use with your seals.