The Skiving Snackbox

I’ll begin this page with a photo of the actual prop being displayed in Japan (courtesy of Pottermania). Is it what you’d imagined the Skiving Snackbox would look like?


I decided to make the Snackbox as part of HarryPotterCrafts Weasley Household Swap. I figured that the brothers Weasley would have made the Snackbox at home, considering they were still in school when perfecting them.

I sent her the Snackbox, a letter from the brothers, and a hat (presumably made by the brothers as well). The Snackbox was meant to look so slapped together, it was hard to not clean it up.

I promise a more comprehensive write-up later (I have in progress photos and such). But for now, this page is not linked from my main site, as my swapee has not yet received her package.