Hogwarts Invitation Letter

The letter to Hogwarts is, I believe, the definitive Harry Potter piece. It begins Harry’s journey back into the world of magic.

There are two versions of the letters in the film. The first is seen when Hagrid gives the envelope to Harry. That is the piece I chose to replicate. The second is seen briefly in Diagon Alley when Harry is reading his supplies list. That letter is typewritten. I believe that a true invite to a most prestigious magic school would be handwritten. Besides, typewriters are muggle inventions — I thought wizarding folk used quick quotes quills for all their dictation needs.

My version of the letter is created on a parchment paper with die-cut envelope with real wax H seal. Being left-handed, replicating calligraphy is difficult for me, so I spent a lot of time practicing Chancery and Italic. The letters were written in Diamine Emerald ink with a fine italic nibbed Sheaffer calligraphy pen. I then scanned the calligraphy into the computer and sized it appropriate to the letter. The envelope text was scanned from my original prop envelope, as was the crest. What you see here is the final result.


pag1.jpg page2.jpg