Bellatrix’ Necklace

This project was completed over the course of two evenings as an entry in the HarryPotterCrafts Yahoo group OOTP competition.

First, the original necklace:


I enlarged the skull portion of the necklace in Photoshop and then calculated its approximate size using Helena Bonham Carter’s face as reference. (For those that collect such tidbits, her face is approximately 4 and a half bird skulls long.)

I printed reference which included a side view of a skull, and sketched the approximate size of the skull onto the paper. I chose premo clay, mostly because of its ability to be baked multiple times.


Roughing in the skull:


Getting closer:


After baking, I molded the skull in silicone. Here is the finished mold.


I then chose to cold cast it in nickel silver. Cold casting is the process of mixing and dusting resin with metal powder during the casting process. You end up with a very lightweight piece that still has the look of metal at a fraction of the cost of casting pewter or real silver. I pour in the powder, brush it around, and pour it off. Here is the dusted mold:


I also mix some powder in with the resin. After pouring the resin into the mold, I add a jewelry jump ring to the back of the piece as the resin is catalyzing. The hardened piece is a matte gray color when pulled from the mold:


I then trim the flash off the piece and buff it with a bit of steel wool. I use the jump ring to attach a large bail so that the pendant can be hung off a necklace.