Mad-eye Moody Pocket Watch

In Goblet of Fire, Moody has a pocket watch that he consults prior to the final Triwizard challenge beginning.

Here is his watch:

Moody’s watch

I wasn’t too worried about recreating the art, but the correct watch has been eluding me for some time.

Finally, I recently sourced a pocket watch that seemed close enough. I really wanted this watch to work when I was finished. However, I’d never really taken apart a watch with the intention of putting it back together.

I found this great site: which I used to successfully remove the crown and hands from my donor watch. It was probably the most tedious thing I’ve ever done.

I then adhered my new face plate to the watch front (kind of like they do with the bootleg Rolex) and remounted the hands (the second most tedious thing I’ve ever done). I popped the crown back in, tested the movement and it still worked!

Here’s my version (the missing black on the 2 is due to the flash and the glass on the watch):