Bedknobs and Broomsticks Items


I have loved Bedknobs and Broomsticks since. . . Well, since forever. It’s an odd one for 1970s Disney. Full of Nazis and witchcraft, as a child it seemed quite scary – and potentially real. I had a great time fabricating these pieces. The bed knob was found online and is completely inaccurate to the movie (if you have an accurate one, e-mail me and perhaps we can strike up a deal). However, the accurate bed knob appears to be from a 1970s spun brass bed, complete with lacquer-looking lines in the brass.


Texture detail:


Movie version of book:


The book is actually not a book, but a treatment of the front cover. Originally I had started the art, but my friend Jester over at J6Studios did a much better job rendering it. It is printed on muslin and shot with an acrylic spray.


Movie star:


The Star of Astoroth was drawn in Illustrator, imported into Rhino3D and then milled on my Roland MDX-15 and then cast in green resin.