Dragon Scale

I’m working on clay dragon scales.¬ My original idea was for a shield-shaped scale that was very simple a la the 1981 film The Dragonslayer¬ (yes, I’m working on a replica of that scale too).¬ ¬ But instead I went with a more intricate design.¬ ¬ I wanted these scales to have a very aggressive look, as well as a natural look.¬ ¬ The scale’s¬ design is recursive like a bird’s feathers.¬ ¬ When finished, these scales¬ will be glazed and painted in all manner of colors.

Here is my original sculpt:

Original sculpt

I scanned it using my 3D scanner / mill and shrunk it by about 30%.¬ I then milled it out of renshape and my friend Jane created clay push molds.¬ [Photos coming soon.]

Here are the clay pieces waiting to be bisque fired:

Waiting for bisque

And here are some close-up photos of the scales:

Two scales

They stack really well (just like real scales!):

Scale stack