Tumnus’ Warrant

Have you ever opened the wardrobe and found yourself met by the most wonderful faun, only to have him whisked away with nothing left but a old note?

This replica has to be my favorite. It’s such a small but itegral part of the movie, and the calligraphy style just screams mad wolf. (I have been teased that the paw print I put on my replica is from my dog.)

My favorite comment was from NarniaWeb when I posted the second photo: “Excellent work Juno! (it does look like you just pasted it onto a photo of a tree though)”

In reality, I was outside with my dog and my drawing tools. I used a bit of gummy eraser to stick the note to a tree.

The original creator of the Tumnus’ Warrant is Daniel Reeve, an artist out of New Zealand. A friend of mine took a tour in which you get to meet many of the artisians involved in Lord of the Rings, and he said that Mr. Reeve was an absolute pleasure to meet, and that his art is amazing. Although you can’t buy the Tumnus’ Warrant from his site, you CAN buy pieces similar to those he created for Lord of the Rings.