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You’ll notice I haven’t posted a lot of my replicas as of late.  Serendipitously, the gates of Warner Brothers opened wide when I recently did some work for a license holder.  Couple that with Mina Lima’s fantastic collection of prints at The Printorium (the exact files, but not the exact medium) and it would seem all my replica dreams have come true.   That’s when I realized that my love of making replica props is rooted in the hunt for the elusive details other people might miss.  When I get together with other replica makers, that’s the geeking out I enjoy:  Pointing out what’s exact, what isn’t, and why.

It’s rare that I find other people as obsessed as I am with wanting to create an exact duplicate.  When I read Celestial Toystore’s write up of his process to make the perfect replica Sherlock coat, I knew I’d found a kindred spirit:  http://www.sherlockcoat.com/ 3D scanned buttons with color matching!  That is a quest for accuracy. 

I don’t think it’s about fooling people.  It’s about knowing you were able to perfectly recreate a process.

At the moment, I’ve given replicating a bit of a rest.  I’m filling my toolbox with new skills and waiting for something to grab my eye.

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