Hunger Games Replica Preview

Hold on to your hats, this is going to be a long post. I’ve been pretty excited about the new Hunger Games movie dropping this summer, and I’m even more excited to see a bunch of (what appear to be) quality replicas coming out.

Although there are a bunch of interesting pieces that totally immerse you in the flavor of Panem, there are equally un-cool pieces as well (I present to you The Hunger Games umbrella). You can view the whole line here. I went through and picked my must-haves from the list.

The Hunger Games Movie Prop Replica Sack Nylon #12The Hunger Games Movie Prop Replica Sack Nylon #12
Available in numbers 12, 2, 11, and 5. But who are they kidding? Number 12 and 11 are the only ones worth buying. The fabric looks fairly light-weight and the bag is only 15” tall and 10” wide, so I doubt this will be bookbag material. Maybe a nice gym bag?




Hunger Games socks
My goofy pick. Yes, I have a weakness for knee socks. Add flames to those knee socks and who could resist? Thankfully, the ugly copyright text will be covered by my shoes.






The Hunger Games Movie Prop Replica Training Shirt “District 12″
I’m so excited about the replica clothing pieces. The shirt goes from XS-XXL, but appears to be sized for us girls. I guess the Peetas of the world will have to go shirtless.





The Hunger Games Movie Jacket Cheap Version
This appears to be the cheapy version of the replica jacket, although at $49 it’s not terribly cheap. Perfect if you’re buying for someone who might outgrow it. It’s all nylon and definitely lightweight. I’ll probably gift it with the nylon bag.




The Hunger Games Movie Jacket Regular version
This is exactly like the movie jacket with the outside nylon shell and inside cotton jacket.  Also, could the model look any more put out about wearing that jacket?






The Hunger Games Movie Laptop Decals
Even though I know now one in District 12 was rocking laptops, I really love the district logo designs. Of course, I’d have to take a black sharpie to all the copyright info.





The Hunger Games Movie Mockingjay Prop Rep Pin
I’m not a fan of this pin. I much prefer the shiny ones that came out with the book. However, I’m a stickler for accuracy, so this will be the pin that goes on my jacket.



The Hunger Games Movie Necklace Single Chain “Match Case”
In the book, Katniss gets a box of matches as part of her backpack of supplies from the cornucopia. I’m assuming this piece replaces those boxes in the film. The necklace is $19, but, unless you’re absolutely married to the idea of having one with the Hunger Games tag at the end, you can get the same case for $6 and add your own chain.




The Hunger Games Movie Necklace Compartment “Parachute”
I absolutely love this. It’s got an interesting design and the parachute figures in all three books. I have no idea what the parachute will look like that this compartment attaches to, but I know I’ll be attempting to make it.

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  1. Jazzy1224 writes:

    I’d love to have the authentic jacket but they are so expensive. The cheapest I’ve found one was on Amazon and they didn’t have my size.

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