The Black Stallion Returns (to my desk)


The Black Stallion has been a guilty pleasure for as long as I can remember.  (Side note:  I think the movie poster is one of the most gorgeous movie poster designs.)   The beginning scenes of the book where Alec meets and befriends The Black made the deepest impression on me.   It was the same with the movie, and I have vivid memories of the poker game where rubies, gold, and finally a tiny bronze horse scuplture are thrown into a poker pot with Alec’s dad giving the tiny horse to his son.   Yes, I always wanted my own Bucephalus.  And now thanks to, I have one. 

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(Fantastic screenshot from the film.)  I had happened upon the Bucephalus statue in a friend’s collection of movie replicas.  He sent me over to where I discovered that the site is run by Tim Farley, the son of Walter Farley — author of  The Black Stallion series.  Tim has created a wonderful homage to his father with information on the movies, books, and just horse is general.  I e-mailed him (through the site) with a couple of questions, and he replied almost immediately.  He answered all my questions, but mentioned that he doesn’t “post too much about the figures online as we prefer to surround much of the Black Stallion with a mystery.”  As a lover of a good mystery, I won’t share what I learned … but, you can rest assured that you won’t find a more accurate Bucephalus.   I ordered a polished bronze version, but ended up ordering the blackened bronze (more movie-accurate) as well.   I don’t want to sound too melodramatic, but it’s hard to describe the intense joy this piece brings me.  



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