Key to Oz


I’ve been sitting on this 3D model for some time now.  Originally, I had planned to print it on my MDX-15.  When I found out about Shapeways, I realized this would be a fun way to test their service.

I had it “printed” in both gold-plated glossy and high-detail black.  The black only cost me less than $10 (and that’s WITH shipping).  Hit with a can of gold spraypaint, it makes a neat display piece.  (It’s pretty fragile-feeling, so I wouldn’t try unlocking any doors with it.)  The gold was a little more expensive, but it is solid metal.  The gold-plating has pit marks, and the plating also softened the hard edges of the key.  With a little dirt, I think it could really look like the key Billina found.  You can check it out here.

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