"The time has come," the Walrus said, "To talk of many things."


I’m preparing to leave for Chicago tomorrow morning (yay for another visit to the Potter exhibit), staring down a monster load of laundry, and nursing a bit of a cold.  Yet I couldn’t let the day end without making SOMETHING.  These little bags are for a project I’ll post about on Wednesday.  I made them on the Print Gocco I bought months ago.  It’s a fun bit of machinery, but I must confess it’s just as easy to use the PhotoEZ products I’ve used in the past.  Plus the PhotoEZ screen can be cleaned with water when you’re done.  (The Gocco results are a lot cleaner, but I really do like a messy and uneven print.  I had to work to make these look worn.)

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  1. Jazzy1224 writes:

    I want one!

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