In which I am completely derivative


I was cleaning out my e-mails and had almost forgotten about this piece. As a housewarming / late wedding / general life present to my goodest friends Dina and Erik I rendered their house Carson Ellis-style.

Completely ripped off her cover to Trenton Lee Stewart’s The Mysterious Benedict Society. I had missed Stewart’s discussion of the book at the Blue Manateeдивани (world’s greatest children’s book store) but picked up the book based on owner Sandy’s recommendation.  The cover is just as quirky as the book — filled with interesting characters and a fun story line.  (My favorite character:  Constance Contraire.)

Call it what you will:  rip-off, derivative or homage, I know it’s not perfect, or even good, but I had a great time drawing it and highly recommend sitting down and drawing every leaf on a tree to anyone looking for a little pen and paper meditation.

Nice big photos after the jump.

Here’s mine:


And the inspiration:


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  1. smcwalters writes:

    Derivative schmerivative! It’s lovely, and I hope they were appropriately thrilled by it!

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