Videos of the Noble Collection Potter Pieces

Long-time Madame Malkins lurker and YouTuber RogueS0ck has posted a couple of videos profiling some of the Potter replicas Noble Collection has released.

Once he gets warmed up he gives a nice review of the Horcrux ring and locket from the latest film.   The pieces are beautiful, but for accuracy’s sake, I prefer the locket on the cover of the UK book.  I still wonder what act of artistic direction caused them to not put an “S” on it.

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  1. RogueSock writes:

    Coming to Curious goods frequently, and trying my own hand at recreating some of the Harry Potter items, imagine my delight at seeing that my video was linked to your website.

    To say I got a kick out of it would be a huge understatement.

    I called my Girlfriend and told her. She knew the exact website I was referring to because I would show her so many of your incredible creations. My personal favorites are the personalized packages from Harry, Ron, and Hermione So Cool! And the Hogwarts letter (tried to make this one, but for the life of me I cannot find the Hogwarts Crest you used).

    Anyways…I’m blabbing. Wanted to let you know though :) . Adore your website! Never thought something I did would be featured on the front! Thanks!


  2. Tiffany writes:

    You did a great job! I’ve had several people tell me how nice it was to see the pieces close up. Keep making vids.

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