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A spellbinding story

*Cough* *Cough* Hello?  Anyone there?  Sorry I’ve been away for so long. Give me a moment to brush off the cobwebs and dust and I’ll show you a piece that’s been a year in the making. It all started last summer. . . Read more.

The Book We’ve Been Waiting For

Nope, it’s not a sequel (or prequel) by J.K. Rowling.  It’s a book about the props and sets of the Harry Potter films.  Harry Potter Film Wizardry came out this month, and it is fantastic.    The book’s  is written by Brian Sibley, and the text is quite informative.  However, the design  is by Minalima.  […]

Aging wood

I’m working on a project at present that involves making a box look as if it was a century old.  I came across this site and his tutorial on aging wood some time ago and was just waiting for the right project to come along.  (I actually ended up buy his book.  Although it […]

A Trayside Handbook of Marbling

This weekend was filled with great projects.  First, the Greater Cincinnati Calligraphy Guild meeting presentation was on flipping our perceptions of background, foreground, and mid-ground.    Calligrapher Karen McMannon was the presenter.  As always, she did a great job of combining instruction with hands-on activities. Toward the end of the meeting, Ann Woods showed off copies […]

Is it old or is it dirty?

Propnomicon has some intersting thoughts on the process of aging paper.  He notices a more brownish-green tinge when aging with walnut ink and a more yellow tone when aging with tea. I don’t get the green tinge when dying with my inks –  I switched to making my own ink a couple of years ago […]

Of circuits, brass, and LEDs

Just a little teaser for the new project my dad and I are working on (he’s an electronics engineer).  The project contains brass, wood, LEDs, and a touch of Benjamin Franklin.

On Reality and Puppets

I saw Coraline this past weekend. It should come as no surprise that I loved it. Driving home from the theater, I pondered over the previews for the CG movies (Ice Age, Monsters vs. Aliens) and how they seemed fun, but elicited little to no excitement from me (I will confess that the Ice Age […]


Continuing the late-posting-of-awesome-presents trend, I present these ultra excellent sculpts  Steph created of the Korok from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.  That game has everything:  a dragon boat, a great soundtrack, and pirates.   Steph is kind of like that.  She photographs, sculpts, paints,  writes and a million other things. Oh, and she’s a […]

Gifts from Danielle

I met Danielle through our mutual obsession with alethiometers.  It has been absolutely amazing to watch this young lady’s talent blossom.  This Christmas she sent me a package full of mysterious artifacts from her travels through space and time.  As a shameless plug, you should definitely check out her Etsy shop (which hopefully will be […]

Arte y Pico

Back in July, Lady Disdain nominated Curious Goods for an Arte y Pico award, and through database issues, e-mail issues, and just general issues, I haven’t had a chance to accept. The rules (as posted by Lady Disdain): Pick five blogs that you consider deserve the award for their creativity, design, interesting material, and also […]