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A spellbinding story

*Cough* *Cough* Hello?  Anyone there?  Sorry I’ve been away for so long. Give me a moment to brush off the cobwebs and dust and I’ll show you a piece that’s been a year in the making. It all started last summer. . . Read more.

Hunger Games Replicas Have Arrived (or at least some of them)

I received a couple of The Hunger Games prop replicas in the mail today:   The parachute necklace and the replica Mockingjay pin.  Click my photos for a closer view. Hunger Games Parachute Necklace Wow, this piece is definitely not for someone with a weak neck.  It’s big and heavy, and the chain is long.  […]

Hunger Games Replica Preview

Hold on to your hats, this is going to be a long post. I’ve been pretty excited about the new Hunger Games movie dropping this summer, and I’m even more excited to see a bunch of (what appear to be) quality replicas coming out. Although there are a bunch of interesting pieces that totally immerse […]

Bellatrix Part 2

иконописПравославни икони I continue to revist some of my older projects.  This time, my Bellatrix skull necklace gets a redo.  I’d always wanted to do it in metal, and I’d purchased a couple of metal bird skull necklaces (where they cast a real bird skull) but they didn’t look right.   The WBshop even offered one for a […]

McGonagall’s Brooch 2.0

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally finished re-making McGonagall’s pebble brooch.  Read more here.

Harry Potter Artefact Box©®™

After months of delays, finally my Harry Potter Artefact box arrived.  I’d been looking forward to it, and tore open the usual white Noble Collection box with zeal.  The box itself didn’t disappoint.  At 11” x 8 ¼” x  1 ¾”, the its made of sturdy cardboard covered in coated paper.  Normally, I’m very put […]

The Book We’ve Been Waiting For

Nope, it’s not a sequel (or prequel) by J.K. Rowling.  It’s a book about the props and sets of the Harry Potter films.  Harry Potter Film Wizardry came out this month, and it is fantastic.    The book’s  is written by Brian Sibley, and the text is quite informative.  However, the design  is by Minalima.  […]

Key to Oz

I’ve been sitting on this 3D model for some time now.  Originally, I had planned to print it on my MDX-15.  When I found out about Shapeways, I realized this would be a fun way to test their service. I had it “printed” in both gold-plated glossy and high-detail black.  The black only cost me […]

Aging wood

I’m working on a project at present that involves making a box look as if it was a century old.  I came across this site and his tutorial on aging wood some time ago and was just waiting for the right project to come along.  (I actually ended up buy his book.  Although it […]

I spy, with my little eye, a Spy Fly

That sound you heard?  It was me, screaming with joy over my new Spy Fly.  Through some eBay mojo and the identification skills of a friend (who needs to finish a questionairre — nudge, nudge) I happened to pick up one of the static or test Spy Flys from the Golden Compass film.  I had […]