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Inside Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones

It’s been postponed for months, so I was excited when I finally received notification that Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones had finally shipped.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t what I was hoping for.  I had watched the preview video, and was excited to see the costumes, props, and the world of GoT in depth. The outside of the […]

A spellbinding story

*Cough* *Cough* Hello?  Anyone there?  Sorry I’ve been away for so long. Give me a moment to brush off the cobwebs and dust and I’ll show you a piece that’s been a year in the making. It all started last summer. . . Read more.

Hunger Games Replicas Have Arrived (or at least some of them)

I received a couple of The Hunger Games prop replicas in the mail today:   The parachute necklace and the replica Mockingjay pin.  Click my photos for a closer view. Hunger Games Parachute Necklace Wow, this piece is definitely not for someone with a weak neck.  It’s big and heavy, and the chain is long.  […]

The Book We’ve Been Waiting For

Nope, it’s not a sequel (or prequel) by J.K. Rowling.  It’s a book about the props and sets of the Harry Potter films.  Harry Potter Film Wizardry came out this month, and it is fantastic.    The book’s  is written by Brian Sibley, and the text is quite informative.  However, the design  is by Minalima.  […]

Key to Oz

I’ve been sitting on this 3D model for some time now.  Originally, I had planned to print it on my MDX-15.  When I found out about Shapeways, I realized this would be a fun way to test their service. I had it “printed” in both gold-plated glossy and high-detail black.  The black only cost me […]

On Reality and Puppets

I saw Coraline this past weekend. It should come as no surprise that I loved it. Driving home from the theater, I pondered over the previews for the CG movies (Ice Age, Monsters vs. Aliens) and how they seemed fun, but elicited little to no excitement from me (I will confess that the Ice Age […]

Danse Macabre

Every Halloween, my elementary school music teacher would trot out a well-worn record of Saint-Saens Danse Macabre. She’d explain the story behind the piece and then command the class to close our eyes, and listen. It was definitely the first piece of classical music I felt I “knew.” Since then, Halloween never seems the same […]

My infinitely cooler-than-me friend Tim sent me this awesome Comicon-only miniature version of the uber-expensive Goliathon 83 Infinity Beam Projector Raygun (part of the Dr. Grordbort collection). What makes it even cooler is that he had the raygun’s designer, Greg Broadmore, sign the box! Although lacking in the glass details of the original, the gun […]

Oh gosh, oh golly, oh wow!

Today the postman brought me the most wonderful thing. A print of the inside back cover of Discovering the Golden Compass: A Guide to Philip Pullman’s Dark Materials. Want to see what the cover looks like? Click here. George and Tim are quite simply the best, and this unsolicited present just made my week. It […]

It’s out!

Edit: The Chocolatl PDF is now up on the Chocolatl page. Well, actually, it’s BEEN out since late August, but I’m only now catching up enough to post about it. Two of my pieces are in George Beahm’s book Discovering the Golden Compass: A Guide to Philip Pullman’s Dark Materials. (The photos are on pages […]