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"Replica" written down the side

строителство на къщи You’ll notice I haven’t posted a lot of my replicas as of late.  Serendipitously, the gates of Warner Brothers opened wide when I recently did some work for a license holder.  Couple that with Mina Lima’s fantastic collection of prints at The Printorium (the exact files, but not the exact medium) and […]


Heading to Inconjunction this weekend. I’ll have several pieces in the art show, so do stop by!


I recently upgraded and need to fix some of my site features. All will be well soon.

A new tutorial is coming

Sorry about the lack of posts, but rest assured that I’m working feverishly to complete an ultra-fun tutorial.

Welcome to my new site

As you can see, I’ve changed the look of my site — I really wanted the ability to be able to highlight and discuss content whenever possible. You will find many of my old items in the Curiosities section. Please bear with me as I slowly move all my old content over.